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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Little Talks

(Warning: This post is, as for me, as corny and cheesy as hell. So your own discretionary is advised)

So yesterday after sending Ikram (my friend here in CSM) off to Malaysia, I had some little talks with Afif. They were just simple piles of talk until one question kinna struck me.


The premise is simple: When are you gonna settle down? I believe I have never really gotten into that part yet so I simply said I don't know.

In fact, I don't even bother to know, as for now.

Marriage for me is not a small thing. Lelaki kot, and we have a heck of responsibilities to carry once the knot is tied. It's definitely a long list that imma not scribble down here as I believe you know better than most. Bagi orang yang dah kahwin, especially kawan-kawan aku from KKJ tu heh, you guys sure know the stuffs I'm talking about kan :)

However the episode that got me thinking all over is definitely the journey to there. That is, to me; another realm that I have never got the chance to explore. LOL. Since sekolah, I have never actually thought of trying what kids nowadays call 'couple'. I even thought that was plain bullshit. HAHAHAHA sue me but I never cared anyways. Lepas tu masuk KKJ lagilah, even the slightest chance seemed nonexistent.

I don't even know why budak-budak zaman sekarang are really into this lovey-dovey shit. Eh sorry for the bad words but I'm too lazy to hit backspace and I mean it anyway hahaha. That sort of raging hormones never actually hit me and I have this simple mindset. Anyone I know as friend stays as friend (well, girls obviously). Anyway, drawing the lines is kinna freaky though. Hahahaha. Wait, I'm not the only one that does that, right? Kalau ramai orang macam tu so maksudnya aku normal la hahaha thank you. Lol so to all my friends out there, I'm so not gonna flirt with you. Really.

And that's that. Anyway taking this matter into hands, I do have some sort of curiosity. I mean if we keep on walking this path we've been taking all along, will we actually meet the, err.., the right person? (Ok da start merapu). Err what Im trying to say is if I keep on doing what I'm doing now boleh jumpa ke jodoh? Hahaha well, tell me about it, because I'm sure as hell have no knowledge regarding this issue. Hahahaha especially with the kind of mindset I have described above, takkan la nak jumpa orang random tepi jalan and just simply propose, kan? (Ok that's random but there's no better words that suit this well) And Allah knows how much time I'll be spending on land rather than oceans once I go for work. So the process of finding (ok geli) will be much harder by then. Right? But I believe in jodoh di tangan Tuhan anyways so as for now, just prepare yourself for the better sudah. Hahaha!

In the end, I never really think about this stuff and mostly sebab-sebab di atas. And partly because I'm totally clueless about girls. Hahahaha except of course, my two annoying sisters (I know you're reading this). And because I never wanted to waste my time over small silly stuffs too :) You know, mind over matters.

The end of my cheesiest post.

P/S: Despite everything I said above, I lied at one thing. I had a crush (once in a lifetime so far) during my prep at INTEC. Had, and just that. I never talk to/know her in my personal life anyways, I still know the limits. :) Lol. Kbye

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aNA said...
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aNA said...

very frank i reckon from my 'little' brother.... hahahah.. well talking about something when you feel the time has not yet to come, memang kelakar, awkward. i think you should learn how or ask your KKJ's friend yang dah get married.. LOL....

good, sincere thought!

you know better I think what's important for you now, and what are you doing. as always, ask Allah to guide you :)

take care bro

fye said...

I know right! Banyak lagi benda kena buat before finally get into this chapter of life. :)

Take care too! If I get to go to UK someday insyaAllah I'll visit you there Kak Nad! =D

Fazira Kamaludin said...

and here I am wondering when can I get married while waiting my turn after my big bro wedding *cries a river* hahahaha

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