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-Dale Turner-

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Hundred

Things to do before I die, well, not necessarily in order. And this is a complete set of what I really wanna do anyways so here goes:

  1. Swimming with Dolphin.
  2. Learn how to play Piano well.
  3. Bungee jumping.
  4. Visit Grand Canyon. - Checked
  5. Go paragliding.
  6. Snowboarding - Checked!
  7. Skiing.
  8. Get married.
  9. Have children.
  10. Fly in hot air balloon.
  11. Skydiving.
  12. Go Zorbing.
  13. Whitewater Rafting.
  14. Climb Harbour Bridge, Australia.
  15. Eyes of The London.
  16. Masjid-hopping over the States.
  17. Hang-gliding.
  18. Scuba diving.
  19. Dive at Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
  20. Visit Venice, and ride a Gondola.
  21. Surfing (not the internet).
  22. Horseback riding along a beach, and mountain plains.
  23. Ice-skating.
  24. Learn Fencing.
  25. Finish an Instax project - Checked!
  26. See snow - Checked!
  27. Live through 4 seasons in a year. - Checked!
  28. Sleep on a grassy plain. - Checked!
  29. Visit Italy.
  30. Perform Umrah and Hajj.
  31. Cherry blossoms in Japan.
  32. Get a complete makeover.
  33. Road trip across California.
  34. Disneyworld, Florida.
  35. Backpacking at least in 5 different locations.
  36. Visit Paris.
  37. Pack a bag and go out for random location with no itinerary at all.
  38. Be a vegetarian for at least 21 days.
  39. Fly in a helicopter.
  40. Cruise to Bahamas.
  41. Camping in tropical rainforest - Checked!
  42. Buy my own house, by my own money.
  43. Set foot on all seven continents.
  44. Learn to sail.
  45. Stargazing. - Checked!
  46. See the Northern Lights.
  47. Statue of Liberty.
  48. Visit Colosseum.
  49. Great Wall of China.
  50. Learn French. - Checked!
  51. Taj Mahal in sunset.
  52. Holiday in Bora-Bora.
  53. Kayaking round an island - Checked! (8 hours round the whole Pangkor. Penat gila anyway -.-)
  54. Stand atop Eiffel Tower.
  55. Tour the White House.
  56. Ride a helicopter.
  57. Visit Vatican City.
  58. Hold a Koala.
  59. Visit Las Vegas. - Checked!
  60. Visit Sydney Opera House.
  61. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge.
  62. Observe from Burj Khalifa.
  63. Have my own successful business.
  64. Visit Times Square.
  65. Visit Niagara Falls.
  66. Visit Yosemite Valley.
  67. Sleep in hammock by a beach.
  68. Attend Olympics.
  69. Watch FIFA World Cup live.
  70. Eurotrip by car.
  71. Walk the Incca Trails to Macchu Pichu.
  72. Spend some days in Hawaii.
  73. Rocky Mountaineer Train.
  74. Ride an elephant.
  75. Visit Pyramids.
  76. Rollercoaster. - Checked! 
  77. Play golf.
  78. See tigers in the wild.
  79. Try to memorize Quran, the best I can.
  80. Teach in university, even as a Teaching Assistant.
  81. Ride a motorcycle on track.
  82. Drive a Ferrari.
  83. Learn to Somersault.
  84. Stonehenge.
  85. Relax at the Yellowstone National Park.
  86. Stay on an island for a week, sit back and forget all the works.
  87. Built a sandcastle. - Checked!
  88. Make a snowman. - Checked!
  89. Watch a sunrise and a sunset. - Checked!
  90. Plant a tree and name it.
  91. Eat the Ulat Sabah (not sure the name though).
  92. Go fishing.
  93. Attend a concert - Checked!
  94. Roadtrip in RV.
  95. Send a message in a bottle.
  96. Overcome my fear of height - Checked!
  97. Own a pet - Checked!
  98. See Tulips in Holland, and the windmill.
  99. Travel alone, or at most with a best friend.
  100. Recollect all the memories from the bucket list, and have a great photo/video album of them.
To be honest I found that most of the stuffs listed are feasible; at most, during my stay here in the States. And of course more possible before I get married and have my own child for goodness sake. Lol.

18 checked. Let's see how far I'll go! :)

3 thoughts:

SYAFIQOH said...

Jealousssssssss. Haha.

fye said...

Make your own bucket list la eyqa, nanti bila kau dah ada cucuk boleh gebang hahaha

Izzuddin said...

Absolutely inspirational Baby!

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