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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kindness of a Stranger


This is after all the most heartwarming ads/TVC I have seen this year. Prolly one of the best ever, too.

Acknowledging the reality in our lives; we have always been so much taught with the notion of not talking to strangers. Even looking sometimes is considered offensive too. Hehe, or so at least that happens most of the times at most places where I was. But what real is; strangers are families you are yet to know.

Recalling this a few years back, I still remember how encounters with strangers; by chance, are blessings in disguise. When I was in Kolej Cendana, while waiting for terawih at Masjid S6, an uncle greeted me with smile. He was there just beside me, looking to open up some conversation. So I just went the way he did; we laughed, we talked about colleges, and how hot the weather was. It was just as simple as that; but in the end, he gave me a red note.

"It's okay, son. Study hard, make your parents proud. :)"

He even smiled that way at the end of it.

That is just one of the many examples I have come across in these 20 years. Which reminds me that its good though; in a way, that you don't let yourself become a stranger. People do come and go, but that little touch they put in you is like a carved stone; it stays there forever. The video above do tell a lot about unity, perseverance, hope, and what more love. Love is a universal language that transcends beyond boundaries; in fact, limitless. Its all around us like the wind; we can barely see it, but we feel it.

Whatever it is, this TVc is a winner. And I am really hoping in near future some tough contenders would rise too! :) Let just say, I am really spaced out with all the lovey dovey and insensitive, tedious dramas we have out there.

And this is a really, really good piece.

P/S: That Uzbek boy besides 'Gigi Besi' really looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Oh really?

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Izzuddin said...

Totally agree with what you said, I just watched this clip a day before you posted it and it really is an eye opening and an inspiration for me.

fye said...

Its really an inspiration for me too! Never knew how life abroad is; at least this gives some insights. :)

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