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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2012 Dilemma.

To begin with, my heartiest congratulation goes to all my Petronas-mates that just blew off with flying colors in their Cambridge A-Level exam. You guys are amazing. And thanks for just dropping us with some burdens too. LOL.

Okay cutting this to the chase, here is the deal.


And so I am left with two choices of knowing it:

1. Man up and straight go to INTEC on Thursday, by mean of collecting it from Puan Rita as early as 9. 
2. Wake up at 12 and do whatever that could be done out of random, and face the lappy by 2. Result online la brahhh.


I know you said 2. 

Okay so here are the coming issues that I have to deal with:

1. If I pass, I have to go to KL to take a free hand luggage from Petronas. What I mean is I need that hand luggage. And I meant it if I pass.
2. Three days from Raya. 3. You know what means? It says the road is not going to be a clear and smooth black tar as usual. And bus tickets, oh please.
3. If I pass, again, I can only go and take the bag and result on Friday. Friday. Man now I think I can hear Rebecca Black. (And people selling bus tickets)
4. Saturday is Raya Eve.
5. Online result is on Thursday, 2pm. Or so I thought. Maybe 1pm. Ah never mind.
6. I live in JB. Hey, I love it. But thats 4 solid hours away from KL.
7. Fly 22/8. I'm running short of time.

And these are the possible solutions that maybe one is:

1. Go to KL by Wed, Thursday grab the result, sujud syukur if pass (Amiin :D), cry if don't; chin up and take the hand luggage and settle with Petronas some stuffs, take a bus, and go back home.
2. Result online by Thurs, go to KL Friday if pass, and if still got tickets, and do some stuffs in a day. Balik hari Jumaat juga, if ada tiket lagi. One heck of a journey.

Its a mad world right? I know.

So what you'd say?

4 thoughts:

Izzuddin said...

baby, u'll be fine insyaallah. i yakin u mampu.. go fye! all the best!!

fye said...

HAHA DIN! Ya Allah terharunya aku dengar :')

I take that as a prayer. Hehe. Anyway news on uni?

Izzuddin said...

hehe.. of coz la support for my BFF.

To be honest I am scared waiting for this thursday as well coz my uni result will be out by then!! we are in the same boat!

Sarah Iman Khairul Azhar said...

Fye insyaAllah your result will be fine :)) all the best and selamat g amerika :D

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