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-Dale Turner-

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Half Written.

The title quite says it all.

Half of my fate has been written on 13 friggin papers that by far, never seemed to fail in driving me mad. I thought A-Level was okay till the exam came.

BLOODY $%%#^

And not to mention the dreadful Physics 2 and Mechanics 2. I feel like a retard right after answering those. Oh world, I am so hoping that the boundaries would be too low to compensate for. I would be dead if its the other way around.

Yes, of all the things that are going through my mind right now, A-Level seems to occupy most. I really wanna fly high, I am really wanna begin anew, I need this so so bad.

So so bad that maybe it would hurt me if . . . And above all, I really wanna help my family to overcome everything that we've gone through. That's what I thought, at least that's what I could do for them.

Because all these lives, for all I've done; I did for them.

P/S: I need a retelling in a way I like for half of my fate. Hello A2.

4 thoughts:

AzyanAaziz said...

InasyaAllah, kau boleh punya.
chaiyokk!! tawakal lah. :)

fye said...

Thanks Ayan! :)

Ety said...

insyaAllah. amin.
all the best for the remaining papers :)

psst: give your very best, cuz it hurts when .......... cheer up. I'm sure you'll be doing fine buddy :D

fye said...

Thanks Ety! Knowing you, you sure are a very, very STRONG person :)

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