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-Dale Turner-

Monday, March 12, 2012

Of Tales and Actuality

I have just finished reading these two books and words? Go read them. I'm lost for words, good books like these are hard to be explained, nor weaved.

Let's start with 'For One More Day'.

This is a story that is so close to our everyday lives. It tells about how much a man's life turns upside down when everything hits him right in the head; losing job, the only daughter runs away from him, a fail marriage, and basically all the stuffs we wish should never cross our lives. And for worse, a suicide attempt. Just when he thought he should be gone to hell, or heaven whatever, he wakes up to a very familiar place he has grown to know and love. His hometown. And along come his mother, the only lovely lady of his whole life.

And in between the blurred line of imagination and reality, he is given one more chance to spend one more day with his mom. And to learn what he has missed throughout his life.

'Five People You Meet In Heaven' is somewhat similar; if not entirely different from the first book. It centers on the life, oh wait no, the death of Edward 'Eddie' of the Ruby Pier. On his 83rd birthday, while working as a maintenance man in a carnival ride, a freak accident takes a death toll on him. Dead, he wakes up in a surreal world, crossed in space and time. There he gets to know and meet 5 people, in 5 different levels of heaven, to learn 5 invaluable lessons of why he lived.

These are the books that meant for life lessons. Of course its sad and gloomy. But not just that, its funny and lots up sunnyside too. Its so real that everything in it we can relate to our lives. Too much life lessons that got us thinking over and over. Go ahead and read it. And as ironic as it may seem, till the end, we can feel the same way as the characters did. Just heartbreaking, and heartstring all the way.

Good job Mitch Albom.

P/S: Good books mean when you close the last page, you know your life restarts all over again. And in this case, I recommend 'Man And Boy' too, by Tony Parson. :)

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