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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kony, And The Rest of the World

Its pretty late to talk about Kony now. Eh? Well I guess as far as I can make things clear I should just shoot anyway.

So everyone heard about Kony I supposed. About how giant a leap made by the Invisible Children (though at times they were literally invisible) to make a difference around the people in Uganda. Of the suffered kids, lost parents, destroyed childhood, and everything nuts in between. I guess if you look at the darn-long 30 minutes video that is streaming hot in the Youtube you'll get the simplest idea of what had happened.

Or maybe still happening.

What happened next is another story which is exactly different from what being told. That the video is a scam, US is gonna dominate the oil production in Uganda, the info given is nothing but false brag, misleading video (they even question the existence of Uganda!) bla bla bla. Whatever. But there's logic too. Its the US. There's no black and white. What amaze me up till now is how the brains within the continental really works; at how slick every movement is cleverly devised.

Nevermind. Ni dah start merepek.

So the core of today is about the whole idea. Exactly everything that Jason Russell has carefully planned. He has initiated this one new movement, started with just a basic idea, and later captured the heart of the world with his story about Kony's hidden agenda. His idea is simple, yet the outcome is undeniably tremendous. Of course with all the likes and shares he gets show that his small step has gone huge. He really wanna kick Kony's ass real bad (before 2013) and of which he needs all the supports he could possibly manage. With all the campaigns going on, and the intervention between the government, I believe that this man efforts would really yield some goods. He has all the attentions the world has; now thats ultimate.

With that I come to step aback and think,


And shame. Shame for humanity. If only anyone can start this idea for Palestine, or Syria, or whatever hell on Earth, then this world would really be at peace. And with that I come to ponder about this. After all the years, after all the bad, bad years gone through, where have our efforts to save Palestine been in the eyes of the world? What worse, does anyone even notice that?

Humanity shall be restored first.

After all, I believe there'll come the days where everyone shall live in peace; holding hands side-by-side, with promising joys and laughter, together. But as for now, all we have to do, is to show our care. So that the world knows how much we mind over these matters. Don't worry if its small; even stalagmites aren't shaped by a bucket of water.

May Allah be with you my brothers and sisters; and to everyone else that has so much to suffer as well. Better days ahead, insyaAllah. :)

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