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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Universities Application :)

Now it's a step ahead.

I am quite bedazzled with the thought of getting to choose my own universities. Except to the fact that the choices are highly limited, picking a place for your study is a pure excitement though. Let's go this way. You know who you are, you know what you want; and you choose.

So here are my five universities on the list.

I note that there is no Ivy League in here, well, I don't really see the difference of the universities and I guess better for me off to where Petroleum Engineering notches in the rank. It's better that way oh and anyway, the university application is a real menace you see. I have completed and submitted 3 applications by far, and Oklahoma with Tulsa are the two left. In which I have spent for about RM800. Maybe I have to spend a few hundreds in the future for the dossiers and postage all the way. Crap I'm officially broke.

Never mind, lets just pray that all these worth it. I have few things in mind for now but all I know, I would really love to go for Tulsa and Colorado. They have exactly what I need. :)

Pray for me, peeps! :D

P/S: All the way up. All the way down. And all the way to May 2012. *Counting.

5 thoughts:

Izzuddin said...

All the best fye, I really2 hope and pray u will get the university that u want.

Ety said...

goodluck wehh.
kau pasti boleh. insyaAllah. :)

fye said...

Izzuddin, thank you! Hope you get the school you want in UK :)

Ety, thanks weh. Kau dah nak fly dah :) Good luck result!

NHAR said...

go for Texas A&M University sebab Texas adalah sangat best... but, kat sana tak da saljilah. goodluck okay.....

fye said...

Thanks! Tapi kenapa Texas best? :)

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