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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Result Fever




Hey but that was 4 years ago. LOL. And today, PMR 2011 result is out. Congratulations okay for those getting straight A's. And don't drain yourself in despair too much for those who didn't. SPM is still there, and trust me, SPM 10 kali lagi susah. Haha.

Oh yeah I got for myself a few results too; SAT and TOEFL. Nothing much to say, can't really express what's inside even the two are far superior than PMR or maybe SPM nonetheless. I don't have to repeat the dreadful SAT anymore, well the thought of it is terrible enough to make me puke. SAT was hard; and stupid perhaps? Haha IDK. It's American exams, I don't really care. And as for TOEFL, yes no more after this. The result is okay, I didn't expect to get that much since we never had a proper class for it. Oh and SAT too maybe. Just a few classes and off to exam center. Bhahaha. Anyway I was quite surprise to see 29/30 fro my writing. I was clueless during writing, I was pretty sure its gonna be some sort of rubbish. Surprise surprise.

Apa-apa pun, Alhamdulillah. :)

So for now, the only thing on the remnants is A-Level examination. Mark that May on the calendar, its gonna be a huge battlefront.

P/S: Tak sempat nak mintak apa-apa lepas cemerlang PMR. Tuptup dah cemerlang SPM. Kerek gila kan aku? Hehe. Anyway, belajar biar ikhlas, ye dak? :)

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