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Friday, December 23, 2011


Introducing: Instax! LOL I have been wanting to own a personal polaroid for years and only now I have it. I bought this camera for RM228 after a long pause while strolling inside Sunway after raya; which I was so indecisive due to some pros and cons, and of course, money too. But I guess its never good to hold back your cravings. Haha (:

There are a few pros and cons to mention if you are to buy this one special stuff. The films are the first concern regarding any polaroid. And for this Instax Mini, it costs 25-32 bucks for 10 films. Craziest should be 35 bucks, anything beyond that should be highly disregard. Heck there are a few circumstances too; some films are expensive due to special features they impose. Like say colorful strips, or have some Disney decorations around. Good for girls, not for me heeehe. And sometimes, it's rather difficult to measure and judge the sunlight exposure for polaroid films, as this one has flashlight no matter in what condition it is. Lucky that it has a few settings that you can choose for great, quality photos. Selection ranges from Indoor, Cloudy, Fine to Bright. It's awfully important to choose the setting carefully to avoid getting incredibly awful photos in your hands.

On the sunny side is; once the setting is precise, you can't help but to feel happy looking down at those brilliant photos. The outcomes could vary a lot, from superfine colorful details to even looking down at motionless raindrops captured in moments; it really takes your photography level up above par. Besides, you can do a lot of things to the photos. Apparently I am decorating them as a Lomowall in my college bedroom. And who doesn't like the small, pocketful credit size of the photos? I have been using Instax for the past three months (perhaps) and one thing for sure, everyone loves polaroid photos. Especially when it comes to the developing process, it is downright surprising to see the picture the minutes its done. And what matters is, you are the only one that has the photos; no one else in the world. Its just the right thing to get if you're a person that appreciates sentimental values so much. (:

Herewith attached some samples of my photos. Oh and they are not the best anyway; I have plenty of them still but my scanner is down right now. Maybe some more later? (:

This is an example of Multi-Exposure; or sometimes I call it MX for short. It is a blend of two images captured in one shot, Domo and Arsenal mat. How the hell I did that? Surprise surprise :)

This picture is amazing. Oh not because it's me, but the details are mesmerizing that you can even see the different gradients of the foothill.
Say Hi to Najwa and Ain! They are my friends from AUSMAT program, and they are flying off this February. That soon right? Anyway because of this picture, Najwa bought an Instax right after this photoshoot! Phenomenon? I guess so. :)

A random shot. Need to familiarize myself with the settings. This is my second picture taken by the way.

And I have to agree that because of this photo, I bought the camera :) Special thanks to Kelly Kamal, my friend in college, who introduced me to this amazing little gizmo to randomly capture some spectacular moments!

A digital camera might be great for photo sharing but as for Instax; it is a perfect fit for those who love random shots and nostalgic depiction. And of course, its rather a costly hobby too. :)

P/S: If you wanna know more about Lomowall, go google it. You'll be enthralled. ^^

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Ety said...

nampak macam menarik :)
film dia je lahh yang mahal sikit ek.

fye said...

Yupyup. Agak mahal la dia punya films. Films je, yang lain semua worth it :)

Hilmi Kujaji said...

Nak weh nak. Ermm, demand untuk birthday present boleh? Pleaseeee.

fye said...

Birthday bila emi? Nanti aku bagi alamat kedai. Haha :D

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