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Thursday, December 22, 2011

50/50 :)

I have gone through hardship just to watch this movie. Well, I promised myself that when it is finally released in Malaysia, I am just gonna catch it. But screw it; why in the world it is not shown in JB? I had to go to Malacca at last; but it wasn't entirely on the purpose of watching this. It was before my TOEFL and I figured; why don't kill two birds with one stone eh? Haha kudos to Ikmal Ahad for bringing me to see this. :)

Warning! Might contain spoilers. :)

I have to agree that this movie is a better watch than 'The Social Network' last year, and maybe that's why it is a 'Silent Hit'. To start with, 50/50 is a serious, comedy, and drama all blend together. To say that it is just an ordinary story on battling cancer would really drag the whole movie through the mud. This is about Adam Lerner; a radio publicist at Seattle who lives a normal life with his girlfriend; and waking up to a nightmare that he has a cancer. Typical. But how the story goes on is somewhat moving and profoundly inspiring. This movie is real and exceptionally heartbreaking; perhaps because of the way we see it, it really depicts our everyday lives.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt delivers a strong, but heartfelt performance in this movie. His character as Adam is deeply engaging. We would feel so close at heart through his daily routine as a cancer patient, through his shock, through the denial, through resistance and finally his acceptance. While Seth Rogen on the other hand; always that funny guy who wants to make everything right which in the end, just makes everything a mess. I laughed throughout the movie; it was downright funny man. I never expected a cancer can goes hand in hand with dark comedy, but this was one hell of a slapstick. It is rare to see a cancer in a humour dramedy; but this one is indeed brilliant. I could not help but to smile and smirk in the cinema, the jokes can be plain dirty and stupid sometimes LOL. But yes, it was heart-wrenching all the way though, when we see Adam's story starts to end.

I really hope its gonna make it in the Oscar, at least nominated for two or three categories. This movie has the power to make you laugh, to make you smile, to make you stop and stare in silence, and everything in between. And as rare as rare could be, this movie made me cry too. Now isn't that a rarity? I guess so LOL. Watch this movie , you're gonna feel a tug at the heartstrings. Trust me :)

Rating? 4.5/5.

P/S: The scene in the car really broke me man. I thought that was the most powerful scene in the movie, no doubt. Also when Adam found 'Facing Cancer Together' at Kyle's apartment, and some moments towards the end too. Thumbs up for Joseph Gordon-Levitt! (:

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Izzuddin said...

Am totally gonna watch it. BTW, this is a good sample of an english essay for movie review. :)

fye said...

Go watch its fantastic for all I know :D

OH man, this time that sounds like a compliment. Thanks (:

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