Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Hey, it's been long! And I still have no idea for what reasons I still keep this intact, heck I don't even write anymore. Those days are long gone -_-

Or maybe at least I still see my older self in this; and that too, is already long gone.

Here's to another start, and to my final year in Colorado! Bismillah

Sunday, March 2, 2014


And to be honest, I can't exactly recall when did I start to become one.


So I deactivated my Facebook just for the sake of it. Virtual life is getting ridiculous; people know you based on your personal status(es) on a simple social site, judge you based on what you wear, think how good you are by liking all the religious posts and stuffs, and know what? It goes on.

No, I do not hate technology, and of course lah this deactivation is only temporary (maybe). Hate is a strong word, and to say that I hate the way our world rolls is simply deceiving. I just don't understand why our people seem to progress backwards as technological advancement marches forward. Culturally maybe we are developing, in a way, but everyone is becoming socially awkward day by day.

Disagree? Well just try one of these:

  • How many people do you think you know really well in your Facebook's friend list?
  • Do you know most of your friend's birthday by heart? Or maybe family without the help of Facebook?
  • Do we still see kids running on the street, playing soccer, racing bicycles, and anything else we used to kill our evening hours with?
  • Are you excited to meet all those people you have grown to know and love, that you haven't seen in God knows how long to share all those stories that they have missed?

I can say except for those that share the same blood ties with me, I only know about 20% of those in my friend list well. And that would be of their favorite food, what colors they like, what kind of music they listen to, and prolly even at who's their exes (we all have that friend(s)) anyways so I can definitely cross off that second question. It just that now it's quite sad that the streets that were once full of joy and life seems rather a barren road; and whenever there's a simple occasion, gathering and party of some sort, everyone is just busy socializing with phones.

As old-fashioned as it might sound like, I do treasure simple talks. All those small chats, petty conversations, deep talks, and everything in between. There's more connection through them, and you'll learn about human behavior at its best. And that is why above all other means available, talking to anyone face to face gives you some sense of comfort. Places you some sort of trust. Lifts your burden up. Calms your nerves down. Because you know they are listening. Back in the days when gadgets were still of the luxuries, everyone had fun visiting everyone else's at the house, or maybe through calling on the phone, as long as they get to know how everyone else was doing. Kan? Maybe I was wrong but man, those were the days. And now we're losing human touch.

So cutting to the chase, I'm not really antisoc, just that I miss the way human interactions used to be. :) And I'm not sure why now in this late night that I sounded like an old man rambling but I needed a break from all these crazy homeworks and projects that seem neverending. HAHAHAHA but then again, few minutes of me time would suffice kan? So here's a song in remembrance of the good old life that's slipping away. 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins.

This song used to be a favorite when I was a kid. I didn't even know what it was about at that age, guess it's all to be blamed on my aunt's weird choice of music then hehehe. But now growing up, it all makes much more sense. :)

P/S: Can't wait to go back home this summer. And maybe a few solo travels here and there. Exactly what I need.